Dreams Through The Looking Glass.

Designed to be as much like a gallery as a shop, it is our aim to create a space that is welcoming yet intimate, with a air of luxury, modernity and otherness that is true to the brand. The idea of framing is inherent in the design much like the client’s work, as the very act of ‘looking through a window’ lends itself to the creation of something or somewhere extraordinary on the other side of the glass.

It is a chance to create a world unto itself with the bewildering nature of a dream, beguiling the viewer to take the curious journey.

All bespoke cabinets and display are designed and crafted locally in England, a true celebration of materials utilizing both traditional and modern manufacture technologies; working with artisan craftsmen in London and Oxford with an inherent English heritage.

Space making

The central area is occupied by the hero piece – Jewel Chandelier. Inspired by the client’s object d’art sculptures, we have created bespoke bell jars and display units that frame the jewellery pieces.  The organic and fluid stands are inspired by the anatomy of flowers, an important element in the designer’s work; whilst the glass domes mimic crystal clear water droplets of the morning dew.  The Jewel Chandelier is designed to house an ever-changing display of the designer’s one of a kind pieces, much like a gallery of treasures, whilst echoed by the art-inspired jewellery collections that are housed in the surrounding glass cabinets. 
The shop layout is designed to direct visitors to follow a circular route; similar to a gallery space, it aims to tell a story about the brand and its inspirations.

At the rear of the boutique, a bespoke curiosity cabinet displays a series of curious objects and treasures collected by the shop owner over the years.


The combination of brass and steel structures, white Statuario marble and glass displays; dove-grey bespoke beading panelled-walls and walnut timber shelving creates a modern and chic environment that is luxurious yet intimate, for customers to explore and enjoy the brand’s world of art and jewellery.


All of the free-standing mobile display units (including the Jewel Chandelier) are designed for easy reconfiguration and reassemble both inside and outside the boutique, to allow for maximum flexibility, freshness and reinvention of space.


CRANE STUDIO - Anabela Chan Joaillerie 03Anabela9059CRANE STUDIO - Anabela Chan Joaillerie 08CRANE STUDIO - Anabela Chan Joaillerie 04CRANE STUDIO - Anabela Chan Joaillerie 06

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